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You will see quilts of patterns from simple to complex, colours in unusual combinations, and textures that create sensual appeal. The silk in the quilts comprise remnants, remainder or good used clothing and, more recently, new India silk. Some of the silk fabrics have been overdyed (Klimt d’Oeil, Soft on Klimt, Garden of Eden) or painted (Soft on Klimt, Nuditree, Forest Nest). The quilts are mostly machine pieced and have cotton batting and backing with the exception of Silk Journey which has a silk backing. The large pieces are quilted by hand and embroidered by hand or occasionally by machine.

Some quilts are hung on wrought iron rods designed to complement the quilts by Brad Hall, a friend and local artisan.

The photography was done by Marilyn’s husband F. Clarke Fraser, two (Reinventing the Wheel, Haberdashery) by a friend Dorothy Warburton, the four from the S & M show by Julian Beveridge and the one of the Silk Journey roadside sign by Tim Wilson.