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These five Art Quilts are meant to be hung. One is a rendition of a piece of art in another medium (Soft on Klimt)
and two start with a central "medallion" (Ragtime, Klimt d'Oeil), two make use of curves.

  Ragtime Klimt d'Oeil Soft on Klimt Garden of Eden End of the Line  

These four pieces are from a collaborative show: "S & M, silk fabrication by Marilyn Preus and forged metal work by Brad Hall"
which showed at the Mary E. Black gallery in Halifax October 27- December 17, 2006.
Photos by Julien Beveridge.
To view further details of Brad Hall's work please visit his website.

  Tree of Life Judith (after Klimt) Adam and Eve Icarus  

An association with the design group "Loose Threads" influenced the diversion to nature based quilts.

  Tree of Life - Fire Nuditree Forest Nest  
  Spring is coming If I were a Rainbow Tanked out