Adam and Eve

15 1/4" wide and 11 3/4", 17 3/4", and 21 1/4" long.
Silk, glass beads, chicken rib. Backed with silk Jacquard. Machine appliqued and embroidered, hand quilted. Frame 20" x 62" with a 9" floor support of weathered plate steel, polished and waxed.

This light-hearted piece rejects the notion of Eve as the temptress. The first window shows a serpent in a tree overlooking the scene. The second, showing Adam and Eve, is a take-off on the 1526 German painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Rather than handing Adam an apple, she is handing him (back) a rib. The final window shows the freed Eve in a swirl of colour with the silhouette of a Folies-Bergère dancer.